EL COCO. Coming soon

We are proud to announce the development of our new game "EL COCO". EL COCO is...

We are proud to announce the development of our new game EL COCO. EL COCO is an action-adventure game with a 3D isometric view. The player will move around the map with total freedom fighting against the nightmares (enemies) he finds and solving puzzles to advance through the labyrinthine paths of The Uncertain. The protagonist can absorb the weakened nightmares' abilities, giving him special powers useful in combat. His ultimate goal is to destroy the three Supreme Nightmares that populate this place.

The main objective of EL COCO is to create a gaming experience around mythology. This playable experience is based on three main pillars: The mythology on which much of the setting and the story will be based, striking game mechanics for a large type of players, and an aesthetic that will surround all these elements to generate a more powerful experience.

Actividad subvencionada por el Ministerio de Cultura

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