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The world is dying. After a disaster occurred in early 40s, the geographical, political and military landscape of Europe changes drastically.

Main Team

Paco Encinas CEO

Jaime Arcaya Marketing Director

Marco Blay Project Lead - Programmer

Carlota Esteban Programmer

Luis Barranco Lead Artist - 3D Artist

Carlos Rubio Concept & 2D Artist

Laura Roldan Game designer


1971 Project Helios

A TBS or Turn Based Strategy game which mixes modern war military tactics with close quarter combat. Firearms and military vehicles are scarce, forcing players to plan their moves meticulously to meet the requirements for each battle. In addition to these elements, 1971:PH has a distinctive sci-fi touch through the presence of the Flare, granting superhuman abilities to those who consume it and providing the player another tool to turn the odds in their favor


A Turn Based Strategy video game which narrates the events that took place in the Iberian Peninsula during the expansion of the Roman Republic in the 153 B.C. The game is divided into two campaigns that will let the player revive history from the Celtiberian side with the seasoned Numantians or from the Roman side, leading the Republican army


A 3D-platforming game with lots of puzzles, action, challenges, special weapons and well-hidden secrets. Fight alongside our two heroes in this new adventure. Play solo or with a friend in a local co-op mode, and stop the evil shogun once and for all!


The first bullfighting arcade video game designed for the last generation consoles, XBOX and PS4, as well as for PC


Third Person 3D hack and slash game, which allow you to control two characters in different moments of the story to going forward. multiplayer game to play with friends. Depending on which character are you playing with, the game can be really different, showing parts where you only can reach with one character and his weapons. Each character will gain XP by his fights and this will unblock different fight moves, combos and special abilities.


Boris Bord is tired of living in his world and he wants to scape from it. Help him to scape as far as possible without eating bacon, because it seems he needs to have to be on a diet. Play and unlock other characters, for Thomas Rex the world is ending, and CurisJ. Cat has a little problem with the sugar...


For any questions or suggestions, please contact us at email:

C/ Julian camarillo 47

Portal C Local 305

Madrid, Madrid 28037



Recotechnology is a company founded by professionals for the entertainment & media market with vast experience well established track record in the videogames & entertaiment field.
The vision of the Company is to take part in the great revolution of the gaming business, from boxed product to digital & online distribution and the fusion with other ways of entertainment and their application to the professional areas (education, engineering, VR…)

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