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First game free online turn-based strategy in console format with micro payment (freemium). Sandstorm online is a desertic world.

It was once a natural paradise, but a major disaster occurred. A powerful and ancient civilization was buried under the sands. Its dangerous ruins hides treasures, from magical weapons, to dragon eggs. World resources are limited, and water is the most valued goods. The climate is harsh, with large storms that can destroy armies.The governing law is survival of the fittest.

Strategy Game.
You start running a town, until you grow an empire.

Massively Multiplayer.
Allies and enemies are real players. Online Asynchronous.You play online, but while not connected, the game continues.

Real-time management.
The development and exploitation of the resources is continuous. Turn-based Combat. Battles are settled by rounds. Free to play.
The game is free with micropayments system.