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Format: PS4, XBOX ONE, PC
Release date: Released

Yassai Ninja is a Third Person 3D hack and slash game, which allow you to control two characters in different moments of the story to going forward. multiplayer game to play with friends. Depending on which character are you playing with, the game can be really different, showing parts where you only can reach with one character and his weapons. Each character will gain XP by his fights and this will unblock different fight moves, combos and special abilities.

Broccoli Joe is a shameless nomad fighter. He fights with nunchaku with a fast and close-ranged style. With no armor, he is no capable to block attacks, but can evade them.
Samurai Onion is an old school samurai, honored and silent. His motivation is to defeat the evil feudal lord and recover his lost honor stolen by his betrayer ex-ally, the evil feudal lord cucumber.

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