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  Numantia is a Turn Based Strategy videogame which narrates the events that took place in the Iberian Peninsula during the expansion of the Roman Republic in the 153 B.C.
The game is divided into two campaigns that will let the player revive history from the Celtiberian side with the seasoned Numantians or from the Roman side, leading the Republican army.


Kyurinaga´s Revenge is a 3D-platforming game with lots of puzzles, action, challenges, special weapons and well-hidden secrets. Fight alongside our two heroes in this new adventure. Play solo or with a friend in a local co-op mode, and stop the evil shogun once and for all!

At RECOtechnology, we strive to be involved in Augmented Reality initiatives, contributing to engineering projects along with the Dynatec and the Talent Swarm project. Thanks to our experience in these fields, using new technologies and tools like Oculus Rift, we have developed an interactive environment for virtual experiences and communications in real time, applying those advances to various disciplines such as petrochemical and aeronautical engineering, among others.
Games World-Barcelona 2017

Recotechnology attended at Barcelona Games World 2017 in Barcelona. Invited by SONY Playstation Talents, we had the chance to present our most recent projects, which so far have been greatly received by the audience.